Shortage of quality property for sale!

Winter has only just arrived and already we are noticing a big drop off in the number of quality properties for sale right across Auckland. There are currently a large number of cashed up buyers looking to buy property, who are frustrated with the current selection of properties for sale.

This is excellent news for anyone that may be considering selling anytime between now and the end of the year. Like a lot of other markets, the real estate market is about supply and demand, so to me it makes very good sense to bring your property to the market at a time when there is good demand but less properties for sale, which usually results in a quicker sale and a better sale price.

Traditionally we see a lot of sellers waiting until the spring to place their property on the market. These new listings then have to compete with each other to attract the pool of buyers that are looking, rather than the reverse. Be proactive and make buyers compete for your property now.

Fewer homes for sale

+ Large number of buyers looking to buy

= A quicker sale and a better sale price